Diary of a co-worker in Dublin

We’ve all heard by now that co-working is becoming a ‘thing’. Here at workwork.ie we know  that remote working comes in two forms. The first is the more traditional working from your own home office. But that’s not for everyone. A lot of people need the comfort of actually closing the front door behind them and joining other people in an office space. That’s why co-working spaces are starting to pop up all over Ireland.  So we decided to join a new one in Dublin to provide a first hand account and diary of what it’s like to work in a co-working space.

day 1

Here I am – first day. There’s a lovely coffee shop inside the door so that really helps – and everyone is smiley and friendly. We’re all in the same boat after all. I wonder how many people I will actually get to know here – or will it always just be casual hellos? The co-working space I’m using is a brand new one in Dublin. This is a trendy space – there’s no denying it. Dress is pretty casual. Decor is nice, plain, nice colours, inspirational quotes on the walls and plenty of plants around the place . This place is spread over 3 floors and has hot desking areas on each floor. I’ve taken a hot desk as will be using it part time.  So far so good.  I’ve chosen the 2nd floor and I grabbed a nice desk looking out the window (not ready to face everyone yet). So far today I have had a coffee, two phonecalls and working listening to music on my headphones. Nice.  It doesn’t feel too different from any open plan office I have ever worked in. I’m working for myself now though so it does feel nicer. There’s a murmur of people talking somewhere behind me. Nothing intrusive though. So far so good.

This is a new space so for the moment it’s not anywhere near full – and that’s really comfortable. What will it be like when all desks and offices are taken? Also I am here two hours and am already becoming very fond of my window desk – but I won’t be always able to get it. I’m sure I’ll be fine with that. This is the way forward folks and feels like it. Not only for people like me working for myself with just one partner – but companies are also starting to offer this to attract employees who live too far away to commute to their offices, or just would rather not commute to their offices. Smart companies are anyway.

Better get back to the real job. More tomorrow.

day 2

Well it’s not really day 2 – but day 2 of blogging. I’ve been here a few times in the last week. I have a hot desk so it’s not a full time deal – which is great actually because it’s cheap and I’m dividing my time between here and home and meetings in other places – just how I like it. So since I last blogged I discovered that the lovely desk I was on the last time was not a hot desk desk. The hot desks are a little smaller with less space – but still plenty. Just back from a lovely lunch at the cafe. I haven’t really spoken to anyone other than staff so far but that’s fine. Everyone nods and says hello and really that’s enough to feel part of something. I’m sure if I made an effort I would know lots of people by now.

Since I last logged I have successfully used printer/scanner and held two meetings here. All very easy.  So far am definitely a fan.

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