Remote Software Specialists

At workwork we have a database of quality software professionals in Ireland and the UK , waiting to talk to you about opportunities to work for you remotely. Why do they want to work remotely?

Well, in this day of advanced communication technology these professionals know that there is no real need to have your software people sitting in the office. In fact, studies show that people in certain knowledge industry roles tend to be more productive working from their own home office. They can still be available to collaborate at any time, and can even be on video if you wish. But they also get the time they need to really focus on the job at hand, while also enjoying a better work-life balance.

Remote Software Jobs

At workwork we realise that, as software professionals, you thrive on being left to get the job done. We know you don’t need to be physically in an office with your team when you can be online and even visible at any time to them – and collaborating virtually is so easy these days.

Now you can continue to improve your specialist skillset – have access to more companies across Europe and improve your work-life balance with one simple move – through workwork remote working. You’ll never look back.


Help with Home Office Setup

At workwork we know that to be an effective remote worker you need to have the right space to work in. Space that will allow you to work independently and collaborate with your team effectively and  tools that will ensure you stay connected and feel included.

We can help you with your home office setup and recommend the best and most current tools to make the remote experience feel like you are physically in the office.


Community for remote workers.

At workwork we know that despite the sophisticated connectivity options available these days, some candidates will still be nervous about working remotely. We can help you to feel even more connected by providing you with a workwork community collaboration experience. So whether you are working a contract or permanent role you will have constant access to a community of like minded colleagues to talk to and share ideas with every day.

Partner with us

Do you have a hardware or software  product that is best in class for use in Home Office by IT workers. If so, we would like to talk to you about offering your products to our workers in a unique custom package.


Next Steps…

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